SCD diet – Day 1

This is my first post on this blog which will be an exploration on how my body is doing with healing my stomach lining through diet without medication.  I’ve had an immune reaction to an unknown medication producing itching and rashes among other things.  My doctors want me off all medication for 3 months and then to add things back (if needed) one by one to see which one is attacking my skin.  Ultimately, I could be off medication for up to a year. As a singer with active reflux symptoms this is nerve wracking but we’ll see how far I can go.


Day 1. It’s been a rough few weeks.  I’ve been off all stomach medication (probiotics, supplements and 40 mg Pepcid/day – I still take multi-vitamin and asthma meds which are either new to me or very very old/unlikely to have caused rashes) for a month now, using the Fast Tract Diet protocol with Tums when needed (not often) and feeling either okay or really heinous.  This week is heinous, largely my fault – I ate very loosely while celebrating my boyfriend Iowa’s birthday for the past few days.  Mistake.  Tasty, tasty mistake, but now I feel like crap.

When I stopped the drugs, my original plan was to limp along until January on Fast Tract and then experiment with SCD, the most basic stomach diet I’ve been able to find, which – while not for reflux – is for a host of other stomach ills that produce symptoms similar to mine .  But, while the science behind Fast Tract Digestion – Heartburn seems to fit me to a T, the diet itself has left me feeling shitty.  I had a few good weeks of results but overall, his suggestions are very high fat and filled with GERD triggers which just set me off.  I’m not sure what the author’s point was in choosing those foods which seem designed to fail if you’ve had this problem long term as I have.  Frustrating.

In any event, given the Fast Tract situation and the bad eating of Iowa’s birthday, I’ve decided to try an SCD reboot.  My plan is to do a 4 day soup cleanse using the soup (and perhaps burgers if the fat doesn’t bug me) from the SCD Intro diet  The intro diet involves a larger group of foods than the soup but I’d like to really be basic so I can test each food and hopefully make some discoveries about what is really triggering me.  Thus, soup for a few days and – if this helps and I continue on SCD – I’m going to introduce eggs and and fructose individually using the ‘four day protocol’ the guys at SCD Lifestyle suggest.

I’ve been dealing with GERD/IBS for more than four years and tried many diets to various degrees of working.  So far I’ve learned:

  • GERD trigger foods tend to cause problems for me as do most spices other than salt.
  • Too much heavy meat (red, fatty) kills me.
  • Too much fiber leaves me constipated.
  • Too little fiber leaves me constipated.
  • Certain FODMAP foods can be difficult for me- broccoli family in particular, too much wheat, too much lactose. Oddly, some are fine – mushrooms, avocado, no problem. ( I may need to start tracking FODMAP daily load again reading this)
  • Too much sugar leaves me shaky, this includes carbs that turn into sugar like gluten free products.
  • Paleo leaves me badly dehydrated (ask me about my saline drip last summer – good times).
  • Butter and olive oil seem to be fine for me.  SCORE.

Anyway, back to SCD – Day 1:

I spent last night making the soup and this morning I spent about 20 minutes skimming fat off of it until it became edible.  There was no fat ‘shell’ the recipe said there’d be or anything else to make it a quick venture. Major frustration and anxiety ensued – I talked myself down using Buddhist teachings.  Thank you, Buddhism.  Something to look at though – how anxious this has made me.  Wow.

The soup sort of has no flavor but is not distasteful, more just non-tasteful which is a bit off putting but when I forced myself to eat it, it was okay. Now, 3 hours later I am just starting to feel hungry so I guess it is filling enough (I’m also drinking a ton of water so that’s probably helping my hunger).  I am having some heartburn – had it right after eating and also now that I’m hungry.  This is very typical for me and doesn’t feel AS bad as normal (no ‘side of gurgling stomach’) but it is day 1 after a rough week –  I’m going to keep going.

I made it through about 10 ounces of the soup for breakfast.  I suspect I will have to make another batch of soup tonight so I have enough to get through the weekend.  More soup planned for lunch.  I’m trying to look at this as fuel and not food – thus the term ‘cleanse.’   Mental games, I am hoping get me through this.  I seem to want food to comfort me and make me feel loved.  Interesting.

The Plan:

  • Make more soup tonight after voice lesson.
  • Figure out how to transport soup tomorrow upstate for while we are away for the weekend.
  • More meditation.
  • Soup cleanse through Sunday night.
  • Re-evaluate: acid feelings, constipation. Sunday.
  • Write things down – symptoms, reactions, etc.  Keep a log.  The only way to make discoveries.

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