Day 2 – Made it through Day 1

Good morning from Day 2 of SCD Chicken Soup Cleanse!

Symptoms ahoy – bloating, cramping, major acid burning feelings.  I did not expect this.  Since I’ve been doing Fast Tract, I really did not expect such an intense reaction of badness to one day of chicken soup.  Crazy!

Yesterday, my heartburn was particularly bad – on a scale of 1-10 it was for a good chunk of the day an 8.  I finally took 1 tums late night (which I hate – they make my stomach feels strange) and then slept okay but did wake up with a tiny sore throat.  The soup actually tastes quite good now that I’m used to it not being a powerful flavor.  The carrot makes it sweet and the overcooked chicken (I used dark meat) tastes excellent.  Just finished my fourth serving (breakfast) and don’t feel sad about the lack of other food in my life.  Grateful for that.

But wow, I am cramping up almost immediately.  I really really hope this is die off.  I’d read you could feel dizzy, brain fog, etc.  I have none of that (at this point), mostly it’s like we threw gasoline on the stomach beast and my usual symptoms are back X 1000; it’s raging.  For eating ‘easy to digest’ food, this is pretty intense.  My fingers are crossed I’m not damaging myself. Yikes.

In any event, I made more soup last night so I have enough to stick this out through Sunday night.  Then I’ll introduce eggs to the soup cleanse on Monday.  I don’t think I have any sort of problem with eggs but it seemed safer to do this in stages as much as possible given the years of problems I’ve had.

For now, ugh.  Excessive water drinking is a go.

More on the other side of Day 2.


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