Day 3 – Upstate Update

Greetings from upstate New York. It’s full on Fall up here; half the leaves are down, the others are a brilliant red.  It’s raining but peaceful here.  Very grateful for Iowa’s camping cabin.

Yesterday was a bit rough but less so than Day 1.  I started losing my voice from mucous? tension? larynx being pushed up high due to feeling like crap? My instrument itself – when I did a full voice check – seemed totally fine but I could not talk.  I can get tight in my neck when I don’t feel well – it sort of felt like that.  But as a singer – FREAKY whenever things are not quite right.  I do not like!

In any event, I slept about 9 hours last night on my wedge pillow and felt much better this morning. Still not-right but nothing terrible.  Drinking hot water seems to bring on major improvement to la voce.  We have a micro up here – hot water is a go.

I’m dealing with some dizziness when I stand.  This happens to me when I get dehydrated.  I ate some salt (straight from shaker) earlier per my doctor’s advice  and also added some to my soup.  No sea-salt up here at the cabin so I’m working with what I have – better than passing out later.  Besides, the soup tastes better with salt anyway.

I just finished my 8th meal of soup i.e. lunch.  After breakfast this morning I had very mild reflux symptoms – definitely better than Thursday or Friday so there’s some improvement there.  We’ll see how the afternoon goes.  I tend to progress through the day to badness.  Ho hum.  We went to the store to get some things for Iowa to eat – very painful for me. I wanted to eat EVERYTHING, even things I never want.  He is being a prince and eating snack food he likes that I never like  in lieu of his normal his donuts and ice cream to make my life easier.  SO helpful.

So today’s plan is to relax and read and drink a ton of water and eat some more salt.  I really felt bad last night – like my tongue was swollen and I was choking – like an allergic reaction.  So weird.  Plus headache and some dizziness and the inability to talk.  I took 2 Tums yesterday – one at 2p and one at about 11p before bed.  Throat a little sore this morning but it felt more like dehydration than anything.  So some improvement on throat pain as well.  Until I have no symptoms I won’t know for sure that this cleanse is working but I feel somewhat better – less bloated, no cramps, no bathroom action (but I’m eating almost nothing but liquids so….), mild reflux. We’ll see how it is when I add stuff back.  This could easily be quiet before the storm but I hope not.

Keeping the faith.  One more day of this and then I add something back – either eggs or beef.  I have dance class Monday which is hella grueling.  For that reason, beef may win out for lunch – just so I have some iron in me.  We’ll see.


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