Day 5 – Improvement and weirdness

Salient points:

I still have not ‘gone’ to the bathroom since I got on this diet.  I’m always more on the constipation side (especially when I eat low carb) but this seems crazy.  That said, I feel fine so….

As of Saturday (October 18), I stopped taking ALL medication now including for asthma and allergies.  I honestly feel no real difference (although I did use my neti pot last night to make life easier).  A little coughing in bed last night but that felt reflux related and not asthma related.  We’ll see.

My stomach gurgled after the hamburger last night for about half an hour and then got very quiet.  Felt symptom free when I went to bed but woke up at around 3a with a reflux-feeling sore throat.  No reflux feelings otherwise.  I’m going to wait it out but seriously if I just replace GERD with LPR I’m going to be pissed.

My skin is completely freaking out.  This is the 3rd night I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with out of control itching.  In point of fact, I put on heavy duty lotion TWICE at 11p and, sure enough, there were rashy, dry patches by 3a.  It is so ridiculous.  Once more, my skin gets this hot and burned feeling.  Is this inflammation?  Will the diet help this?  Is the diet just freaking it out?

My skin is also crawling.  Like I can feel the blood moving or like I have restless leg syndrome (I assume this is what that would feel like).  My nerves are out of control today.  (I’ve been tested for all the obvious and don’t have anything – thankfully).  Wow, this is uncomfortable.  I spent my entire meditation session ‘staying on the cushion.’  Every part of me every second was ‘escape!’  Whew.

This morning I feel like I have a fever on the inside.  My skin is cool to the touch which surprises me because it feels so hot from the inside.  I’m really not sure what’s going on.  Iowa thinks it could just be some sort of bug battle going on in my stomach.  I mean, maybe… I’ve long felt the skin piece is related to my stomach.  I have a T-cell count that shows an immune response of some kind going on in my body (as opposed to an allergy to something) which I suppose could imply chronic inflammation (will have to ask Derma when I see him again).  In any event, since starting this my rashes are worse which is annoying.  And really burning and itchy.

Today, after breakfast, very very mild reflux symptoms (burping) so I’m still never having moments when I’m at 0 on my 10-point stomach scale.  Still, yesterday was 1-4 which is a big improvement over Day 1’s 3-8 range.  Today already feels like the numbers may be higher due to fatigue? adding hamburger? my energy which is racing due to my skin?  Anyway, it’s all about the overall improvement not one day, right?  I’m not CNBC covering the stock market 🙂  I can see the longer term.

This is tough.  I really want to leap out of my skin if I could.  UGH.


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