So bad

It’s pretty spectacular how bad I feel. Skipped dance – I am completely exhausted, my esophagus/stomach has decided to just burn all day. I’m burping up a ton. My voice sounds squeaky (despite not feeling actual reflux at least today). I’m now wondering if it will never calm down without medication; like it’s just chronically inflamed and this is a ridiculous venture.

I researched Naturopaths and Functional Medicine people all afternoon. I really would like to KNOW that my ski is unrelated to this and also WHY I, a not overweight, healthy person, have such a bad case of inflammation.

I need more food. I’m really feeling weak – I think – from lack of calories. Some of it I suspect is low carb flu or whatever (although I was already very low carb), but lack of calories and lack of movement in my colon are just making me feel bad.

I picked up Salmon for dinner. Supposed to be anti-inflammatory. Also got yellow squash to prep for tomorrow and a non-dairy non-bifidus probiotic. I took 2/3 the recommended dose. We’ll see if that helps or just finishes me off.

Headache, sniffles, wow, so much joint pain, fatigue and my stomach meridian/area of hands is crampy. I really feel like crap. Also took some Ducolax. I’m going to try to sleep for a bit now, sitting up. I hate this.


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