Day 7

I’ve reached the end of week 1. Wow. On the plus side, I’m getting into a groove. My HB range – so far – today is 0-3. Yes, zero, only for an hour or so but hey! In addition, I took probiotics right before bed and slept great and had no sore throat, either overnight or in morning. So nice.

Minus side, I really hate the pureed veggies, like wow. I think I added too much water to the squash for starters – soooo bland. Additionally I may have upped my probiotics too quickly. Despite finally going to the bathroom yesterday, I had sudden, running to the bathroom, diarrhea at work today. It passed quickly but was so the opposite of my usual asleep at the wheel for days colon, I was surprised.  I felt totally fine quickly, thankfully. Still, yikes – not at work please!

I think I may have to skip ahead to spinach or zucchini as my next veg. The acorn/butternut stuff looks very hard to make with only one hand. I’m in a splint until at least mid-November so… (My boss cut my lunch pork chop up for me today LOL – I felt like a little kid!) Spinach was one of my go-to veg pre-diet so we’ll see.

Doing this diet without any allergens is tricky. No eggs, dairy, nuts, wheat, sugar. That said, I will start to add stuff back in a few weeks so… I want to get to the yogurt at least.

What I’ve learned this week:

  • Be honest with people about what you’re doing. I canceled 2 dinner plans out. Instead, date 1 is meeting me here shortly for tea (her, water for me) and my work anniversary will involve a non-eating activity. People who love you will accommodate.
  • Repetition is death. There’s so much repetition on this diet, you have to change up what you can – meats. Adding turkey burgers, pork chops and grilled salmon later in the week saved my mind. I like the suggested “don’t eat the same thing more frequently than every 4 days.”  Good idea.

More soon.


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