Day 8 – morning

Minor setback this morning… or rather, overnight.  My stomach is still doing very well but my skin has been very bad. I slept very little last night. The apartment was dry, yes, but I suspect I am dehydrated.

Still, as it goes, my stomach is doing exceptionally well. I am now taking 4 billion probiotics before bed and 2 billion in the morning. This seems to have alleviated any overnight throat symptoms. I am deeply grateful for this.  In the morning I’m having gunk to a degree that I cannot speak.  This could either be the lack of asthma medication or some digestion minor symptoms. My neck is bothering me from the accident which also makes talking difficult. I am doing a lot of stretching.

For the first time, I took one digestive enzyme pill after breakfast to see if that helped me with the meat. The jury is out. It created painful pressure in the right side of my abdomen which passed after about an hour. Again, there was gunk which could be reflux or just asthma. Time will tell.

Iowa has again stepped up. He is helping me make acorn and butternut squash that I can freeze so I can introduce those foods next week while he is away. We are also making more soup tonight since with my compromised left arm, I cannot lift the crockpot. So I should be set for food for the next seven days. Helpful.

My next three days are a meditation retreat.  I am bringing my own food (we eat breakfast and lunch on-site at the retreat).  They have a microwave and refrigerator so I should be fine.  Overall, major improvements in the seven days I have done this. My symptoms have reduced greatly from an average of 5 out of 10 to 3 out of 10.  I’ll take it.


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