Day 10

Frustrating day.  Heartburn last night right after I took probiotic – otherwise fine all day.  Went to bed with sort throat, woke up with one.  Today I ate all safe food – heartburn all afternoon.  Nothing terrible but it is discouraging.  If I’m eating non-tasty food, I’d like to at least feel better!

Another meditator is a dietician and I spoke to her about the diet.  She is concerned about the lack of enzymes but overall seemed supportive and that I am doing it right. The best is she had an NYC Naturopath rec.  I will likely see them at some point.  I need help.

Bought pre-cooked shrimp at supermarket – mistake.  Actually threw them out. I hate wasting food but they were gross.  Made steak for dinner and then invented Italian Sliders.  I may miss dinner tomorrow eve and wanted a snack to take to meditation.  Ground pork/beef, oregano and salt, grilled.  Not bad or great but different.

Tried butternut tonight.  Wow, so good.  Put some cinnamon in it.  Yum.  Totally excited about that.


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