Day 14 – still going, for now.

As I stated on Day 1, my issues are chronic indigestion which presents as GERD, constipation, bloating, cramping, burping and gas; and an immune response to medication(?) which has skewed my t-cells and gives me rashes (or I have CTCL, a type of cancer but cancer doc is leaning toward medication allergy).  I’ve had some real improvement on SCD these last two weeks in some areas and fairly none in others.

  • Bloating, cramping and gas are pretty nonexistent now (I almost forgot to include here which says something)
  • Regurgitation – gone
  • Burping – continues often, only now it feels like it’s coming from a calmer stomach, maybe
  • Burning feeling in stomach – pretty gone
  • Skin and constipation – totally holding steady. No relief there.

I’m not really sure what to say about the ‘reflux’.  Heartburn symptoms are halved (or even just often gone) compared to before but the burping is weird.  Less, but very deep still.  So ‘reflux’?  I’d say no but definitely severe indigestion.  Either way, it’s not nothing.

I listened to the SCD Lifestyle guys’ leaky gut seminar last night.  It was interesting (ultimately they are selling a new program but kudos to them for sharing a bunch of helpful tips for free), informative and helped confirm or synthesize the research I’ve been doing the past few days.  The more I read the more I feel that Autoimmune Paleo diet approach fits me better than SCD – in fact, I picked up Sarah Ballantyne’s brick of a book, The Paleo Approach, this afternoon to read.  While I don’t have autoimmune, I do have confirmed inflammation (t-cell count  and, considering symptoms,  likely my gut also but that part is speculative) and I do have a confirmed immune response going on.  Also the diet is for leaky gut – not that I have that (ultimately my gut symptoms could also be from the mystery problem medication) – but if it soothes that, it should soothe my indigestion too.  Additionally, it is a broader palette of foods in certain ways (but no dairy, wah!) and I am really ready to move on here.  I never want to see some of these foods again and I like them!

So we’ll see.  I’m not throwing SCD out just yet, and even if I do, I will keep certain aspects of it especially adding only 1 food every 4 days to see a reaction as well as cooking things for a while.  I have to figure out some new animal protein foods – I am so bored!  Anyway, I’ll report what I figure out.

Last, I am not missing my medication.  I’m shocked.  The asthma medicine definitely leaves me gunkier in morning but I have no trouble breathing which is great.  I was on it for at least 10 years so I’m shocked at the lack of more backlash. Hopefully that will hold.


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