Day 16

Just came home from a party with great looking food and drink (including cookies I made) and none of which I tasted. Proud of self but exhausting.

I’m really struggling with hunger and dehydration on this diet.  Tonight I started morphing over to AIP (Auto Immune Paleo) in hopes it will – of course – help my digestion but also get me over my fatigue and dehydration.  Had large grilled salmon, sautéed spinach in olive oil and butternut squash for dinner – oil is a go.  Tomorrow I’m hunting down a ripe banana (potassium) if it kills me.  This is not cool.

I’ve made little progress (in ways I’m worse this week) on digestion other than adding a lot more cooked greens to hopefully get things moving.  In point of fact, I did finally go to the bathroom a little while after the spinach.  Despite probiotics, I still am constipated and having burping and slight-to-medium acid feelings several times of the day.  Not right.

The research suggests that Betaine HCL w/ pepsin, digestive enzymes or bitters would all help my issues.  I’ve been playing with each.  The bitters make a little improvement only but do not make me feel worse which I cannot say about the other two.  That said, I still have indigestion after I eat, but then I have it in different ways after the other two so that’s not worth it either.  The enzymes I have help a bit but make me feel bad in other ways. (rock in stomach)   The HcL just delays symptoms for half an hour and then brings them on hard.  The whole “back off when you feel a burning sensation” – well, I got that immediately and the promise that it would wear off – I am still having burning 9 hours after I took it.  Like actual acid feelings worse than I’ve had in weeks.  I know it’ll go away but I’m still pissed.  I’m going to stick with the bitters for now since there is no downside to them.  And also to spinach which my body seems totally fine with.   Hopefully the roughage (and oil) will help me.

I’m chewing low sugar licorice gum at the moment in hopes it will get rid of the acid in my upper chest.  Tomorrow I will soldier through with bitters only and hope for the best.  So hard!


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