Day 22 – blah

I am once again very angry this morning. Some time yesterday, perhaps after the banana – who knows? – everything went downhill. Chronic indigestion, heartburn, bloating… I also noticed that the rash seems to have spread across my stomach so that’s not better. I’m very frustrated.

The bone broth stew, which tastes good, is very very fatty. Perhaps that is the problem here – I need to reheat it and strain it more to make it less fatty – but regardless an afternoon and evening of lower fat food did nothing to improve my symptoms.  I had mucus overnight and sort throat this morning.  My stomach is sore when you press on it.  Not good.

Yesterday was the first day that I was trying to eat more calories but I don’t feel like I overate – I just don’t know what’s going on here.

I accidentally pretty much introduced three things yesterday – banana, which I was unsure about, celery in the stew, and pear. So unfortunately I’m not sure what is making me sick. I’m going to let banana go for a month. I don’t need that. But today I am trying pear again but my stomach is very upset from yesterday and now this morning.  It may take a few more days to get a real ruling on pear. Such a pain in the ass.

Hopefully I will do better later today or tomorrow. I think I will not eat the stew again until I have taken some more fat out. I am roasting chicken for tonight’s dinner which will hopefully be mild enough to not exacerbate the situation. I really did not miss feeling this way.

Further complicating things, I ran out of probiotics two days ago so used a milk based probiotic last night.  That could also be a factor here.  I’m switching entirely to a soil based probiotic today (just got it in mail this morning) so I suspect things may be off for a few days while I sort that out. I just have to learn to be patient with this weekend, back up a bit.  I did buy a bunch of apples last night which seem to be fine.  At least i have that.


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