Day 25 – bitter? me?

The question the past few days – what is really bugging me?  Fat? Banana? Any sugary thing? New Probiotics? Squash?

I felt really crappy starting Wednesday (pre-lunch out).  That was the day I switched to the dairy probiotic.  But again, I feel like a lot of my stomach reactions are random so who the hell knows?  In any event, I started on  Prescript-Assist Probiotic on Thursday as recommended in Paleo Approach.  What a dud!   I’m starting to feel NONE of this is going to work for me but I’m going to spend a LOT of money chasing a help down.  Let’s see, so far:

  • Betaine HcL – made acid situation much worse, with a side of pain in one side of stomach.
  • Ditto – digestive enzymes  – pain in stomach
  • Swedish bitters – diarrhea, which was sort of fun b/c I actually WENT to the bathroom, a rarity for me
  • The $50 probiotic which I’m going to take b/c it doesn’t bother me but also, I took 3 and got NO reaction so that tells me my body is unphased by it.

So I’m back to magnesium citrate (doctor rec) which usually helps move things along, the old probiotic which did something but almost nothing and some digestive enzyme spray for candida I bought a year ago and new bitters – both seem to do nothing but can’t hurt right?

It’s also super fun to spend hours cooking and cleaning with a broken/splinted hand and then discover that you feel no better. At this point I can’t understand what is going on and I want to just scream.  I’m going to return to my GI and demand some tests and then decided if I want to take medication or not.  I still have my lovely rash – no improvement there with now 3 weeks off all medication.  I just feel like GERD is not my problem, despite the chest pain situation.  Maybe I’m deluded.  There’s also the Naturopath rec I got.  But mostly I’m frustrated to be complying so carefully with this pain in the ass EXPENSIVE diet and continuing to feel crappy.

All articles say that stomach acid is key and just fix that… but the fixes make me feel worse.  I have a happier stomach today eating only chicken, broth, spinach and carrots.  No more squash for a few days until I get back some equanimity.  My dream of losing no more weight is out for now. If it weren’t making me feel so tired, I’d be less glum.  Anyhoo….


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