Day 27

It’s an exciting day here at Stomach Headquarters.  Is my stomach silent? Am I feeling great? Have I crossed some sort of halfway mark and am now en route to recovery?

No.  But I am typing this with both hands.  My finger which is still ‘on the mend’ was deemed ‘needing to move’ by the hand specialist today, including typing.  It doesn’t really want to play but so far, slowly and surely, it is typing out this message.  Bliss.

My stomach remains sort of at 1-2 on the scale of goodness but really not in any sort of settled situation.  I showed my trainer today where I had pain and she said that was the large colon.  I did finally email my GP my situation and what to do and he recommended his partner who is a GI guy.  I’ve met with him before and don’t really like the guy (my boss who knows him said “no one likes him”) LOL but I’ll see if he’ll do some tests on me since he’s in my insurance and maybe I’ll at least get more info.

I’m finding that the higher fat diet is really sort of bust for me.  I feel very good on chicken broth, chicken, fish, the roasted veggies (esp. carrots), spinach, etc. but not so good on all the beef.  But sometimes I feel BAD on the beef and other times totally fine.  That is what is so frustrating about this diet.  Is it actually working?  Is it just my stomach having a hissy fit so it’s not working?

In terms of supplements, I am now taking Prescript-Assist Soil Probiotic, 4bn lactobacillus in water, digestive bitters before meals, the Candida spray which seems like such a bullshit product but I swear is helping me (placebo effect?) and 400 mg of mag citrate to help my constipation.  I see the GI guy next Tuesday and hopefully will get some good intel.  I’d really like to start adding foods back and testing them to see if my body doesn’t like them.  I’d also like to understand why fruit has become such an issue.  Hopefully I’ll get some answers.  If not, onto the Naturopath.

In the meantime, I’ve been reviewing some GERD cookbooks I bought a while ago and – on a good day – it looks like I could actually eat this diet.  But then again, that’s before so many things sort of went off the rail. But if I could get back to this, I’d love it. It’s lower fat than AIP (the fat wigs me out and I don’t feel that great with it so….) and, well, I think there are more possibilities for me there.  IF I can tolerate it eventually.  We’ll see.


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