Day 33!

Haven’t updated for a few.  I suppose because I am feeling very neutral. Still have problems after meals – bitters and the spray seem to handle them okay enough.  I reintroduced apple sauce these last few days, as well as rutabaga, collards and bacon.  I’m really feeling like any sort of greens have been/will be fine.  Not even going to test kale and chard before re-adding them. I think excessive greens – which I SO miss eating – are doable at this point and are so good for my constipation symptoms, I am grateful to be able to eat more of them. Bring it on.

And in that area, I really am feeling better overall.  Like, if this were the state of affairs forever, and I wasn’t hurting myself, I can live like this.  Some things bug me – chicken soup or beef stewp seem to set me off.  Not sure why – but the symptoms pass quickly enough.  I made a ton of roast carrots, rutabaga and sweet potatoes this weekend which are totally no problem to digest so I’m set at least until Wednesday.  Will make another chicken Thursday and then the issue is getting through a visit to my mom’s over the weekend – take food or cook there?  On the fence.  I suspect “take some food” because I don’t want to be caught out with nothing.  That would be bad bad bad.

Gained back a little of the weight I lost which is fine.  I liked being super skinny but I need to not feel so out of it, dizzy and that has improved eating more food overall.  Losing weight quickly is not the way.  That said, I need to get more exercise until I can get to dance again.  I have about a half hour walk each way to hand therapy today.  That’s a start.

Next things to try – beets and avocado.  More fat and more starch.  Need those starches to fill me up.

I see the GI doctor tomorrow.  I don’t really like this guy but I think he’s good at his job.  Think good thoughts for patience tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll begin to get some answers already.   Like I said – I don’t feel like anywhere near a level where I should be taking maintenance medication anymore (so that’s a HUGE improvement) but my diet IS limited.  I’d love to rule some things out so I can add back some other food groups. Still, what little variety I have is really so so helpful.  I’m going to enjoy it while I can.


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