Day 40 – 40 days and 40 nights

I’m really amazed to be on this diet for so long.  This weekend, I’m in Virginia visiting my mother and cooking and eating at her house.  Developments:

Constipation – I finally felt yesterday, as I went to the bathroom for the 4th time (non-diarrhea) that my body was reacting “appropriately” to all the vegetables I am eating.  I cut back my mag citrate last night so we’ll see how much of a detrimental effect that has on today.  That aspect of digestion was really nice yesterday.

I haven’t really been using my bitters or spray except for ‘clean up’.  IOW, my problems yesterday weren’t bad enough to break it out.  Nice.

I think I am dehydrated.  Or hungry.  I look skinny again (so bloating that returned with Xifaxan is gone, finally) but more importantly, I am doing that sort of blacking out when standing thing, perpetually.  I made a point of snacking yesterday (roasted carrots, homemade sweet potato chips) during afternoon which, by end of day – with extra water – seemed to help my dizziness but I need to watch it.  This is happening often – not good.

I actually had a great and fun-feeling dinner last night because I had such a huge variety of stuff.  My plate had baked salmon, (frozen) spinach, sweet potato chips, roasted carrots and sautéed zucchini.  I was actually full after dinner.  I think what I’ve been doing is replacing the ‘starch’ part of my meals with a second vegetable but, really, calorically unless I want to have a massive amount of a second vegetable, it’s better to have 1 serving of 2 different vegetables for 3 total on the plate.  In point of fact, I did not  plan on finishing the sweet potato chips I made yesterday afternoon – they became dessert which I may not have even needed but when Mom broke out the cookies and ice cream for her and her husband, a ‘treat’ became mentally necessary :-).  Grateful to have that as I’d already had blueberries and applesauce and AIP recommends not going over 2 servings of fruit per day.

I really want a mandoline slicer. The sweet potatoes I managed to get super thin were the best chips.  I may buy myself one for my birthday (or ask Mom to – my birthday is tomorrow, she’s getting me a grill – I’m going to see if I can do the whole ‘let’s order my Xmas gift now!’ thing when we order the grill LOL).  I was going to ask for one for Xmas but that’s 4 weeks away – a long time if you are cooking every damn day.

Last, cooking at someone else’s house is tough.  Not having my stuff – MY knives, MY crockpot, MY groceries (her supermarket is pretty bare bones for fresh produce and nary an organic item in sight) made cooking seem tricker, but I took a breath, and with Mom’s aid, it worked out fine.  I did bring my pink salt which was a total save!  Anyway, I now have a full cooked chicken in the fridge, a bunch of broth from making that, leftover salmon from last night (I bought 2 portions for myself so I could have one for breakfast) and a bunch of veggies to get me through today and tomorrow (frozen and cooked).  I think the one thing I will cook this morning is another set of sweet potato fry/chips.  They were a really nice treat.   Tonight we’re having cod which is cool because she bakes it and I have no idea how to time that out so I’ll learn that. Score.

Sounds like people may be getting up.  Today we go to the movies – fun!


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