The Good and the Bad of Bone Broth (and the Paleo culture in general)

I really feel like if I read the term “healing bone broth” one more time, I’m going to scream.  I eat the stuff for the gelatin but at this point it is one of the few things that universally gives me indigestion.  Healing, my ass.

“Oh, so you have low stomach acid and need to take HCl – did you know that most people diagnosed with GERD have low stomach acid and not high and that your doctor is essentially ignorant of how the GI system works?”

HCl – even small amounts – gives me GERD.  If I don’t drink the bone broth or eat other high fat stuff, I have no acid symptoms.   I would only be taking HCl so I could drink the “healing bone broth.”  This seems ridiculous.

“Oh, but have you tried enzymes?  You need to take X and Y and then you’ll be fine!”

Likewise, enzymes in larger amounts make me sick.  Really is there no one else out there who finds that the high fat of paleo makes them feel worse?

I am finding the Paleo community and even at times – which is sad – the autoimmune Paleo community a bit “you just aren’t doing it right” if you have any sort of problems.  AIP folks are definitely more flexible about this – I think, because they understand there could be many mitigating factors for why you feel sick.   But really, we are all different, ‘your mileage may vary’ – mine certain is.

It’s been a bit of a rough 24 hours.  I ran out of food at my mother’s yesterday and really, I completely have been oblivious to how spoiled we are by variety in NYC – that you can walk into any grocery store and find organic stuff, veggie root chips, etc.  There are even Taro brand chips in my office vending machine for God’s sake!  Anyway, after visiting 3 stores, I ended up eating regular potato chips yesterday (actually fewer ingredients than baked chips and don’t get me started on the fake veggie chips loaded with potato flour – WTF?) and eating them like a starving person. I was that hungry.  That was my first cheat since I started and hopefully my last.  I went with potato because they have never bothered me and my only other options were pretzels or nuts which I’m not sure about.  In any event, I am now going to carry even MORE food with me when I travel (I thought I had 1.5 what I’d need; apparently not).

I’m home again and have enough food for the day.  But chicken soup is a component.  Had it for breakfast and boom, indigestion.  I love the taste but really, F@#$ the snotty you’re not doing it right folks out there.  What heals me seems to be regular chicken and fish, lower fat stuff. I’m committed to getting more fat in my diet because I do think it is healthy but I’m not committed to making my body ‘wrong’ for having a hard time with adjusting to it.   Grr.

Got great news from the doctor.  Stomach/duodenum show ‘a lot of’ inflammation but nothing worse.  I’m on day 7 of antibiotics which I think are totally working but I still have symptoms at times.  My fear at this point is I’ll not be cured ‘enough’ when I go off them and will get the infection back and now worse.  I see the doctor next week.  Fingers crossed….


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