Thanksgiving – in bullet points

  • I ate lunch before I went so everyone snacking would not frustrate me.
  • I took kale chips in case I needed a snack (I did not).
  • I was dining with very nice people who couldn’t care less that I brought most of my dinner with me (pre-cooked – 1 c. cooked spinach, baked sweet potato, 1 c. cooked carrots) to go with their turkey.
  • I ate a lot of turkey.  They did a great job – so delicious.
  • My dinner was completely filling – a first.  I need to eat 3 veggies at each meal so I am more full.  Making a note!
  • My bf – again, the best person ever – made a separate tureen of cooked pumpkin and blueberries (nothing else) so I could actually eat dessert with everyone.
  • I ate to the point of being full.  I haven’t been full in 45 days.  It was so nice being full.  Not over full, just totally full, not hungry.  I hadn’t realized how long that had been.
  • They served vanilla lactose free ice cream. I had half a scoop.  The only side effect was a little gunk the next day in my throat.  I felt nothing from this (granted I had about 1/4 c.). Very nice to have that little bit of heaven on my blueberry/pumpkin thing.

Places I am blowing AIP:

My stomach is much improved these days but not totally better.  I’m still on antibiotics per the doctor.  They make a difference.  I have moved from constipation to cutting back on the mag citrate due to going too often (that said, I have my period so all this could change when that’s gone – I’m often much more functional when I have my period).  One of the ways my stomach is better is that I am eating more chicken and less fat. My stomach really hates the fat.  Even organic, I’m sure the chicken is not ‘nice’ organic as I’m getting it from TJ’s.  All week I ate chicken and burgers – not a lot of offal or fish in there.  I really prefer the chicken (and turkey).  It is easy on my stomach.  In any event, we are having salmon tonight.  I need to reintroduce fish and offal again more intentionally.  I think I will aim for more fish for now since that is also easy on my stomach.  The beef or heavier products are still too hard for me.

I’ve also been eating a lot of chips with my meals.  The Terra Sweets and Carrots are unsalted and while the veg is AIP friendly, the oils used are likely inflammatory.  So this is not great.  That said, I’m not being overly militant about it because it is killing my hunger, allows me to ‘snack’ and I am really tired of being hungry or feeling deprived.  So for now they stay.  I may try to figure out how to make on my own with my mandoline.  We’ll see.

For now, Alley out!


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