For me, mostly

Saw GI doctor again.  Abdomen sonogram clean.  No new testing for the duodenum polyps but he feels since I no longer have bloating, cramping or constipation, that the infection part of this is likely gone.

15 days of antibiotics overall.  I feel like I should still be on them as I JUST started feeling better.  He feels it is enough.  That said, he said I could take one here and there if I ended up bloated again.  So, not exactly a science.  Nuts.

He feels at this point my lack of ability to digest carbs well or raw carbs at all is an enzyme issue.  He wants me to try them again now that I’m a bit better.  So I have a big ol’ bottle of his favorites on my desk now.  Just took one.  Mild heartburn ensues – really?

He also feels a nutritionist may be more money than its worth.  Not that he doesn’t believe in that just that I “am an intelligent person” and “very informed” and in his experience all of this stuff was largely trial and error.  He said to go slowly – it would take time.  No need ‘for despair.’  Sigh.

He said it’s okay to leave fruit out for now but I should try it again with the enzymes.  He also said to keep eating what I can eat.

I asked for his low-FODMAP list.  I’m going to try FODMAPs again, trying to stay within the AIP protocol, at least for now.

On the way back from doctor (thankfully, it’s a half hour walk, nice to be outside and think), I realized that the Chip Rebellion is really about me wanting love and peace about my stomach.  Ultimately I want to eat healthy foods.  Unfortunately, the default way I know how to eat healthy involves a lot of foods I can no longer eat.  Now it’s up to me to figure out how to eat the new list of healthy foods.  I can do that – I’m very creative in the kitchen and I’m used to a blander palette.  I just need to take a breath and give myself an afternoon to sort that out.  I need to keep my cool in this area.  I feel defeated before I begin which I suspect is how a lot of people feel.

Interesting development.  I am taking 600mg Mag Citrate for constipation.  I feel it is working well and also too well.  Well = I now go to the bathroom at least 1X every other day but ‘too well’ = it’s getting too ‘soft’ (pardon the TMI).  Yet, if I cut down on the Mag, I end up not going at all.  He said the Mag produces the ‘going’ but doesn’t effect the quality.  I need to bulk up my stool with Citracel if I can’t do it with food.  We’ll see if adding more carbs instead cures that (usually does with me) but I did find that interesting.

He wants me to take Pepcid or something like that again because my GI problems are now limited to upper GI and that’s the fix.  I’m loath to do that.  I’m going to have to see if AIP can actually chill that out more (it’s improved but not totally better) or if I need to switch to a full on GERD diet which is almost the direct opposite of this one.  The worry for me is the GERD diet looks full of inflammatory foods which I suspect are not good for my skin.  Where is the line and can I walk it successfully?


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