Low FODMAP layered onto AIP-SCD style

3 years ago I tried the low-FODMAP diet and it helped my IBS a lot but didn’t quite get the job done.  That said, there is a school of thinking that eating low-FODMAP after a course of antibiotics for SIBO can be the ticket to keeping further overgrowths at bay.

With that in mind, I looked over the FODMAP handout my GI doctor had at his office and then came home and reviewed Patsy Catsos’ book “IBS- Free at last!” which I used at the time.  Pretty much there are no FODMAP issues with AIP other than fruits and veg (as grains, dairy, beans are already cut out).  I thought it would be super hard to implement but ultimately I think it won’t be a huge adjustment from what I’m doing now.

I still have some FODMAPy foods in my apartment that are AIP so my feeling is to eat very small amounts of those over the next few days – keeping my load as low as possible while including FODMAPs – and then do a full elimination 2 weeks starting some time next week.

The main issue – as always – is to get enough carbs so I don’t get dizzy.  My feeling is that since you are supposed to have only limited amounts of sweet potato and beets, I’ll just spread them out across the day.  We’ll see.

Iowa and I are celebrating my birthday today and he wanted to do a treat so I’m trying banana again.  An acceptable FODMAP portion is ‘1/2’ so we’re splitting one and that will be my FODMAP at dinner tonight.  Hopefully I have enough other food to do that! (Think I do).  I really love a frozen banana, blended up and mixed with cinnamon.  Fingers crossed it works out.  I was a HUGE ice cream eater before this all started – it would be nice to have a frozen dessert back, even if it is 30 degrees out.


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