Sick Puppy

Just thinking about food makes me want to throw up.  I stayed home today because of yesterday but also so I could go back to the doctor and get checked to see if I have a UTI (I do).  I decided to delay eating as long as possible today just due to the nausea factor but by 1p I was starving.  Thoughts of eating meat or vegetables made me vomity so I went to the store and bought a pack of gluten free saltines.  Chock full of stuff I’m not supposed to eat but I was able to eat them. Other than a little mucous in my throat for about half an hour when I was done with them, they did not bother me.

Other than that I had half a banana.  I’m super hungry but also very nauseous.  I will not be eating ginger again for a long time.  Yikes, that made me sick.

Very tired of being sick.  Between the gastritis, the UTI and then the ‘ate something wrong’ I am very tired and sort of done.  At least I got the day off.  I slept a ton and read and did not much of anything.  Needed.


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