Back to square one?

I caved and a part of me feels like a failure.   This is where all the info on the internet is a disservice, I believe.

My nausea has gotten worse now that I’m on both the UTI antibiotics and the Xifaxan.  I am – at this point – eating chicken and rice although I did have a mental breakdown and eat sushi last night.  Anything that reminds me of what I was eating pre-ginger incident (including the cooked salmon in my sushi combo – ugh) makes me nauseous.  I can work with the plain grilled chicken but other than that – I can’t seem to eat anything else I was eating including sweet potatoes, cooked veggies or fish.  It is very weird and doesn’t feel solely mental.  I think about those foods (or, given last night, TASTE those foods) and just start to throw up.  The ginger clam-sauce incident is really hanging on tightly to my nausea.  So gross.

In any event, at my last GI appointment the doctor said you really need an acid blocker.  When I said I had just gotten off those and had the rash issue, etc. he suggested trying acid blockers that I hadn’t tried before.  He finally, defeated, said well, use Tums or something.  His feeling is that due to the actual diagnosed inflammation, I need to do something to give my stomach a break.  The food alone is not doing it.  I need to cap the acid off for a while.

I took a Tums last night – one – and instantly felt much better.  That said, they have no staying power.  Half an hour later, the nausea was back (although it was halved).  So today I took 10mg of Pepcid.

I know, I know – I should be able to use diet to cure my GERD, right?  Which, to be fair, I largely have.  But the gastritis itself is not going anywhere.  The inflammation is there and I can feel it and it feels awful. The recommendation to deal with that is the Xifaxan and an acid reducing medication for 3-4 weeks.  So, at the risk of addicting myself to an H2 blocker again, I’m doing that.

If the rash comes back, I’ll know it was the Pepcid.  I’d been off it for 3 months.  The rash has gotten mucho better so we’ll see.

My indigestion has been a lot worse this week – I’m assuming it is from the ginger incident but also the new antibiotics.  I have no idea since several things are happening at once.  The rice I’m eating is filling and I’m grateful for that but I’m still greatly undereating and I have to figure that out.  I’d say I’m maybe making 900 calories these days.  Not good.  A part of me wonders if I’m nauseous just BECAUSE I’m hungry but eating off my diet last night – the sushi – really made me feel crappy so I am loath to just chuck everything.  I’m hopeful that the Pepcid will allow me to eat a bit more and perhaps get rid of the nausea enough so I can add my safe veggies back – carrots and spinach – and work out from there.  I also would very much like to drop the rice again and see if the indigestion becomes less but at this point I need the calories badly so it stays for now.

I’m tired of dealing with this.  Tomorrow is 60 days on the uber limited diet (although I haven’t really been on it for the last week so I’m not sure that counts).  Tired, thin and hopeful this will help.  At least I’ll know if it will not help.  That’s something – information.


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