Day 62 – A great few days

Well, after the Ginger Incident and having the UTI, I was feeling very depressed (not to say uncomfortable!!).  But it turns out, there were a few bright moments.

The GI antibiotics – I believe – are really having an impact on this round.  It’s hard to tell if that’s it but something is definitely having an impact.  I kept the rice going the past few days, even as I added sweet potatoes back, and my body has no problem digesting the rice and any sort of weird symptoms I was getting from rice (liquid in mouth) seems to have passed.  I am also now eating smaller meals but every 2.5-3 hours.  I am living a lot less hungry and that has actually helped my stomach symptoms a lot.  I also upped my probiotics greatly to try to ward off the inevitable yeast infection I’d usually get from the non-GI antibiotics  and, well, I don’t know if it’s the GI drugs, the 10bn lacto probiotics or just having added back a starchy carb but my constipation is 95% gone.  Like – it hasn’t been this good in years.  Wow.  All this while eating no vegetables and tons of rice!

I reflected on the state of my GI tract Saturday night and realized that IBS-wise, I’m in really good shape.  Bloating is gone, Cramping is 95% gone and, when present, usually just happens right before a bowel movement, constipation is gone (which is impressive because, again, all that rice).  My sense (untested, yet) is I can actually digest a lot more than I could before.  The problem remains the acid and inflammation in my upper GI tract.  How do I get that under control?

I’m loath to take Pepcid on any type of regular basis but acknowledge that I just may need to.  Before I go there, though, I decided to play around with a few new supplements.  I started taking DGL last week which sort of does nothing on an immediate basis but is supposed to calm and heal up the stomach lining which I know I could use overall.  On top of that, after meals, I started taking an enzyme-based supplement by Enzymedica called Acid Soothe.   It works pretty well, taking care of about 80% of my acid problems.  That still leaves some bad feelings but the nausea is cut down to random periods of half an hour as opposed to all day which I count as a complete win.  It also contains 2 stomach coating things and then provides starch and fat digestive enzymes which seem to be really helpful.

So I don’t feel 100% these days but I’ve had a great reduction of symptoms.  I’ll have to go off the Xifaxan again on Friday and then more will be revealed (i.e. can I hold onto these improvements?).  At that point, I’ll see if the probiotics keep my digestion running smoothly and the other supplements help my upper GI without the Xifaxan.   I will likely take Pepcid at times if it feels like I’m just irritating my stomach.   With the Pepcid, I need to stay focused that while Pepcid is not a great drug for my system, if I use it pointedly to just get the inflammation down, then it’s fine to use.  I just really don’t want to become dependent on it again – the side effects are so unhelpful and I swear taking acid blockers is what caused a lot of my IBS in the first place.  A world of no.  But for now I need to get the inflammation under control and thus….

At this point, food-wise, my goal is to keep my stomach itself as non-irritated as possible.  That means: rice, sweet potato, turkey, chicken, homemade applesauce and some mild sushi with no soy as a treat.  I’m going to have sushi again for lunch today and then add some veggies on the side.  I haven’t had veg since Tuesday so hopefully this will go okay with no extra nausea.  Fingers crossed.  I’d like to move more back to sweet potatoes over rice but it’s so easy to pick up rice on the fly that I’ve been eating a lot of it (and still going to the bathroom no problem each day – so nice!).  I really do feel like my lower GI is moving quite well so my priority is to keep my stomach/duodenum as happy as I can while it, hopefully, recovers.

So, what I’m eating/doing now (with links, but again, this is all very personal so what works for me may not work for you – important to keep an open mind and experiment):

  • DGL before meals
  • Acid Soothe directly after meals
  • Xifaxan 1X a day, (UTI antibiotics until Thursday)
  • 10 bn Megadophilis in morning an hour before I eat anything
  • Starch:  Rice (Jasmine and white sushi) and Sweet Potatoes
  • Protein:  Low-fat chicken and turkey (Boston Market has delicious turkey breast – fast and so easy when you don’t want to cook!)
  • Veg:  Right now, nothing
  • Fruit:  Homemade Gala applesauce with cinnamon
  • Snacks:  Rice cakes
  • Treats:  Sushi maki rolls using mostly cooked fish – thinking it will be easier to digest
  • Eat every 2.5-3 hours but eat nothing in that 0-2.5 window for max digestion, retrain the motility muscles

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