Day 64

So naturally after I posted that last update, it all went to hell LOL.  I am learning, slowly, that this is a very up and down experience.  By the end of this, I suspect I’ll have learned patience with my body.  Here’s hoping.

But I also did myself no favors by eating very off the diet the past couple days.  I was feeling good, my bf’s firm had a party (before which I took 20mg of Pepcid), we didn’t get enough to eat at the party and came home and made food I normally don’t eat, etc.  Yesterday I ate some gluten free cookies, etc.

All told I ate wheat, cheese, yogurt, butter, small amount of honey, nuts, a piece of very sweet and sour candy, miso soup, avocado…. I avoided anything spicy. I really stuck to what didn’t bother me 4 months ago but damned if I didn’t have a really rough time yesterday.  After the accidental candy eating, it all went down hill.  Like DOWNHILL.

What I have learned from this is that the diet – as imperfect as it is – clearly does make a difference.  And that is some very good information.  I also think there may be a carb-load issue and/or a sugar issue.  The pasta (which I ate with butter, parm cheese and spinach) did  nothing bad to my stomach but I’m feeling like that followed by a day of other sketchy stuff, the overall load sent me over the edge.

I’m back off both antibiotics so we’ll see how my constipation changes (if at all).  My supplements are the bitters (which I keep blowing off but I do think actually help), Acid Soothe and DGL.  The bitters and DGL are definite keepers but the Acid Soothe… I just don’t know if I’m getting any benefit from this product.  As I said before, I almost feel like it masks the symptoms well but I still have the acid and find out that it’s there when I recline in bed (which is always 3 hours after eating AND we sleep on a tilt so getting symptoms ever is extreme).  Since it is ‘inoffensive’ I’m going to keep taking it but last night when I was having a stomach explosion, it did absolutely nothing – although to be fair the 20mg of Pepcid I took almost didn’t feel like enough either.

I’m tracking my water more intentionally and realize that while I was drinking a lot of water in one shot, there were hours when I was drinking none.  I’ve made a commitment to drink 3 large bottles of water at work (probably 20 oz each) and at least 1-2 after work. It has made a huge difference.  Very nice.

As for now, I’m back on my limited diet but with the added rice.  I’m trying to balance the carbs with keeping myself from getting too hungry.  Must keep my eye on the work in progress aspect of this.


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