Day 79 – Happy New Year!

It’s been an odd 2 weeks.  I’m feeling, almost, fine.  Like, completely.  It’s been the holidays and I’ve been eating practically everything and my stomach doesn’t like some of it but when it rebels, it’s sort of… meh.  Like no big deal.

The truth is, I stuck with the diet through Christmas Day.  I got an extremely bad cold on Christmas Eve which took out my voice (mid-gig, good times) and required me to take cough syrup which just KILLED my stomach.  Like totally dead – even with the diet.  I took PPIs for 5 days while on the cough syrup and since I went off them, my stomach has been a happy clam.  And, while I’ve avoided eating spicy food or onions or garlic which I know bother me, overall I’ve been sort of spectacularly fine.


While my rash seems to be gone and my stomach is doing acceptably well using DGL, bitters, the Acid Soothe, probiotics, Mag Citrate and the very occasional Tums (1 only), my feeling is that I am better but something was bothering me and that I should try to discern what it was.  I mean, maybe it’s gone, whatever was bugging me has finally been resolved from the lack of the ‘bad’ medication and the months of ‘good’ probiotics and a finally working lower GI.  Still, I’ve come this far – shouldn’t I figure this out?

I’m still away visiting family.  My idea is that on Sunday, January 4, when I’m back home, I’m going to retract back to the low-fat AIP Paleo diet (with rice!) for a week and then add the things I’ve tried that have not bothered me, one at a time and each for a week.  Since my issues all seem to start with constipation and not a tiny upset stomach – since it is all cumulative – it is best to do each addition with a good chunk of time behind it so I can see what, if any, response there is.

Additionally, I’m still not eating a full palette of foods.  I still am eating mostly low fat meats (had bacon the other day and had a backlash) and not too many veggies (I’d really like my diet to be 50% fruit and veg) and no fruit other than applesauce and the occasional banana.  Oddly, these may be the last additions back but we’ll see.

For 2015 – at least in a few days – I’ll continue to see what my body likes and does not like.  I’m deeply DEEPLY grateful that I am so improved, suddenly.  Not sure if it was just a few days of full-quiet from the PPIs or what, but I’m impressed.  In any event, for now, I’m going to relax and enjoy my last few days of hanging out with the fam.  I hope you all had a great new year and I’ll be back with more updates in a few….


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