Day 80 – How I’m cooking these days – Cooking tips that are more low fat

I was looking at this post and realized that a lot has changed since I made it.  For one, over time as my stomach was continuing to improve, I realized that my beloved bacon really was NOT working for my stomach so I’ve ditched it, along with red meat.

So what’s the go-to food situation these days?  Well, granted, I’ve been very lax due to Xmas but for home cooking pre-Xmas, this is what I was doing and it is/was tasty.

  • Grilled chicken or fish.  I use my Foreman grill for this (just got a new one with removable plates – kick ass) and paint on a little coconut oil which gives it a nice flavor.  As much as I can’t seem to digest high meat fat, in order to combat my dehydration issues, I’m finding that olive oil or coconut oil is digestible and thus key to getting some fat in me.  Very helpful.  I cook up boneless chicken breast at least a pound at a time as I eat it for 2-3 meals a day.  Helpful to just get it all done at once.  Quick!
  • Baked sweet potatoes.  So so easy.  Depending on the size, 6-9 minutes in the microwave and they are so flavorful, you just cut them open and eat.  No need for salt or any sort of fat.  At all.   If you have more time, you can make roasted sweet potato chips.  I cut the potatoes very thin (either by hand or mandoline), lightly coat with olive oil and pink salt and then roast at 400F (flipping once) until the edges start to turn black.  Extremely tasty, but honestly, for time, I’ve just been micro-baking and going.
  • Sushi rice.  I was throwing it in the rice cooker with a little coconut oil and pushing start, which is fine, but I did take the time last week to make it ‘properly’ and wow, it is phenomenal.  (I am making plain short grain sushi-type rice just to eat and not adding the mirin etc to turn it into Sushi Rice, the dish.)  Also, my sister who lives in the ‘burbs got frozen sticky rice at Costco which you just nuke up and eat.  SCORE.
  • Frozen spinach (or green beans).  So easy – mix it in with some rice and chunked up pre-cooked chicken with coconut aminos?  De. Lish.
  • Coconut aminos.  I tried these since coconut is okay on AIP.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Very tasty, stomach totally fine with it.  This product is a soy sauce ‘alternative’ but honestly for me is NOT a direct replacement as it is sweeter.  Still, it is good on sushi as well so keep it in mind if you can tolerate it.
  • Roasted carrots.  When I have time, I make roasted carrots, many of them, and eat them like candy until they run out.  Completely delish.  Cut in 1/4″-1/2″ rounds, paint with olive oil (I actually have a food specific paintbrush I use for oil, thus the term ‘paint’) and pink salt.  400F for 20 minutes, flip and 2o minutes more. Done.
  • Homemade applesauce.  For some reason, apples are the only fruit that is guaranteed not to bother me.  I use organic gala apples, peel them, chunk them, cook on stove with a bit of water until they are soft.  Then you drain off the water and blend the soft apples with a stick blender.  I add cinnamon before eating and it is fantastic.  I do find that apples and I do best when I eat them as a snack and not near other foods.  YMMV but that’s my experience.  For me, they are to be eaten alone.

For eating out:

I am better enough to eat out! This is a total SCORE.  I have two types of ‘food bought elsewhere’ – meals out and then eating out on the fly.  For meals out, I can do Japanese or Chinese:

  • Miso soup – which contains fermented soy – seems to REALLY agree with my stomach.  It’s funny because the bone broth has been such a lose for me but the miso soup is a big fat gift for my stomach.  I’m not sure why but I get it every time I get sushi which is my go-to eat out food and it just feels great for me.
  • Sushi.  I aim to eat mostly cooked fish sushi as I find it a little more easy to digest.  I love sushi so getting sushi back has been a total score.  LOVE.
  • Chinese.  My stomach suddenly likes broccoli (which I could not digest for YEARS but since I did the antibiotic/probiotic regimen, no prob – weird, right?) so I get steamed chicken and broccoli and eat it over white rice.  Guaranteed not to bother me at all and tastes very good by itself now that I’m used to not eating things with sauce.  A score since some of my friends are not sushi people.

And for ‘picking up en route to somewhere I am eating in’:

  • Boston Market Roast Turkey Breast or supermarket rotisserie chicken.  The latter is a bit of a risk depending on what they put ON the chicken (even if you peel the skin off) but in a pinch it is very convenient.  Boston Market makes a very plain but tasty turkey breast that I will buy a pound of and just use it with the sweet potato/frozen veg (or rice) for a couple dinners.  Quick and easy and stomach-wise inoffensive.  Nice to have these ‘in a pinch things’.  More soon.

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