South Beach, Alex-version, Day 1

I made notes over the course of the day.  My stomach got upset after a cheese serving at 11a and I had to make some changes on the fly to accommodate it.  In the interest of keeping records, I posted my planned menu anyway and then crossed out what I did not end up eating and posted replacement foods in red.


It is 10a and I am 2 hours out from breakfast.  Feel a little gunky (asthma? allergies? non-acidic feeling reflux? who knows!) but overall pretty good. Excellent start to the day so far.

Breakfast at 8a:

  • 2 slices turkey bacon, fried in olive oil spray
  • 2 eggs, beat and scrambled in the turkey bacon/oil debris

Thoughts at 10a:

I am not hungry yet so that’s cool.

The turkey bacon was good but honestly turkey bacon feels like eating THE MOST PROCESSED THING EVER but my stomach seems to be liking it so fair enough.

Body stuff:  I rolled out my body with the foam roller for 20 minutes before work.  I started doing this about a year ago and it helps my back and hip tension (I sit a lot at work).  I also think it helps my circulation stuff of yore.  Ultimately, I hate it but it’s worth it.

I am halfway through my first 20 oz of hot water ‘tea’ – also a regular habit that seemed to fix my circulation issues of yore.  Going to try to get through 3 of these at the office today.

Meditated for 10 minutes pre-work.

Morning supplements taken:

  • 1 Now Black Currant Oil
  • 2 Wiley’s Best Daily EPA Fish Oils
  • Align probiotic


Snack at 11a:

Mini Babybel Gouda.

It’s hard to tell when I’m hungry or when my stomach is just acting up.  Started feeling maybe hungry at about 10:40 and by 11 was fairly sure I was hungry and thus, cheese time. These Babybel things are not low-fat.  South Beach would say it should be low fat but I’m cool with this.  Fat is filling after all (and to be fair, this thing has like 70 calories – whatevs)

Until 10:30, stomach was pretty quiet.  Then some very very minor burping.  Lots of gunk but again, allergies.  I’m also sort of wheezy today.  We’ll see how the day goes.

I’m eating this a little stressed out due to snobbery on the WSJ.  Hopefully that won’t contribute to funkiness (Facebook is closed now).

Halfway through 2nd 20oz water.  Go me, sort of.  I am crazy thirsty today.  Due to allergies, I took a Mucinex before bed last night and now am paying the dehydration price. Makes drinking easier though.



Feel allergyish – tongue itches, coughing.  We’ll see.


Stomach feels a little off.  Too much dairy?  Something with the cheese? We’ll see.


Stomach definitely did not like the cheese which is a bummer b/c so tasty.  Also our office bathroom is under repair so I have to take an elevator to a bathroom.  Yikes.  This is not fun. Not sure how to get through lunch or if I should even eat it.  Will eat carefully. On 3rd thing of water.


Lunch at 1p:

Had to make some adjustments due to stomach:

  • Burger (cooked last night)
  • 1 c. roasted carrots (coated in EVOO, nothing else)
  • 1.5 c. roasted summer squashes

Was starving but eating half of lunch seemed like a good idea.  Carrots are usually a safe bet – we’ll see.

Bathroom is fixed now – score!!



Overall feeling pretty quiet in the stomach.  Holding pattern.  Sadly, though, hungry.

Finishing 4th 20oz water.  Very thirsty today.


Snack at  3:45p:

Mozzarella stick

15 almonds

1 tablespoon almond butter off the spoon

Same calories as a serving a real almonds? No brainer after a long hard day.

4:10-4:45 – nap!  Did not expect that.  Suspect hungover from stomach issues.


Dinner at 5:30p:

Zzzz Chef Salad which is 2-3 oz. deli turkey, 2 oz. swiss, 1/4 avocado chunked, 1″ cuke chunked, cup of lettuce, 2 T feta and EVOO.

Going to baby my stomach tonight and go in a different direction for dinner.  Above was the retrofit ‘salad’ I was aiming for but given the stomach freakout earlier and as I have class tonight I’m going more basic:

Turkey roll ups:  4 deli turkey roll ups filled with avocado mash (1/3 avo total). No veg. 

Dessert:  half a frozen banana with cinnamon on top.  I wasn’t planning on dessert today and for bullshit reasons fruit is forbidden on Phase 1 of SB while fake sugar crap is ‘allowed as dessert’ but in the interest of being full, I had some banana. So so good.


Made it through class with a totally calm stomach.  My stomach is weird – sometimes it freaks out and is a mess for a week and some days it is just completely better (although I feel sketchy for a few hours) after I go to the bathroom.  Thankfully today was one of those latter days.  That said, tomorrow I’m going to pretty much eat what I did today without the cheese as I have a busy day and these are my safest foods.

I’ll be honest.  I really REALLY resent when I get sick from eating healthy food.  If I get sick after snarfing a bag of Doritos, I’m good with paying the price.  But eating something that should be fine (and is usually/often fine) and then feeling terrible – the unpredictability being a hallmark of IBS for many people – is maddening.  A big part of me wanted to come home from work and just eat junk food b/c I was sick anyway.  That said, I didn’t do that – I napped instead – and I’m amazed that I made it through the first day of the diet without ‘cheating’ per se especially given the hunger/feeling crappy aspect of the day.  Losing weight is always tough for me – I hate to be denied but today I made it through.  This is no real milestone; it’ll be just as difficult tomorrow especially since I am concerned I am undereating a bit to avoid certain foods.  I’m going to try to eat a little more tomorrow.  Worst case scenario, I’ll eat a rice cake or two with almond butter just to fill me up. This is not about starving after all.  Still, my experience last time I got on the path of healthy eating is that not binging and building up a history of dealing with my stress without food does make it easier to not use food like that over time.  It’s not a straight path – there will be struggles and I’m sure failures but hopefully not tomorrow!  See you then.

Evening supplements:

  • 2 Prescript-Assist probiotics
  • 1 Wiley’s Best Fish Oil
  • 1 Black Currant Oil
  • Singular (asthma prescription)

Good night!


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