South Beach, Alex version, Day 2


Off to a slow start today.  Got involved in a project for class last night and got to sleep late which meant I slept through rolling and meditation but I did make breakfast so that’s good.  That said, I should make a few hard boiled eggs so I have a grab-able breakfast for emergencies.

Morning supplements:

  • 1 Fish Oil
  • 1 Black Currant Oil
  • Align probiotic

Breakfast at 8a:

  • Turkey bacon in EVOO
  • Eggs scrambled in turkey bacon debris.

Tasty, but I look forward to having leftover asparagus and/or mushrooms so I can make a feta/veg scramble, mix it up a bit.  Will cook that soon.

Snack at 11a:

  • 15 almonds

Was planning on half a Fage 2% but still feeling a bit ‘wary of dairy.’  I have a very long day ahead of me today.  Need to keep things calm.  So far, stomach is silent.

Just getting through 1st 20oz water.


Stomach acting weird.  Oh, come on.  If this becomes an issue, I’m going to not snack tomorrow and see if it’s just the time of day or putting food into my stomach is pissing it off for whatever reason. I felt completely fine pre-snack.  Annoying.


After a lot of gas, seems to be calm-ER but not perfectly okay.  Think I may just be slow in the colon this morning….

Lunch at 1:15p:

  • hamburger
  • 1 c. roasted carrots (leftovers)
  • 1 c. roasted squash (leftovers)

Stomach felt better since about noon but I haven’t been hungry.  That said, after eating lunch, I still feel hungry (realized how hungry I was when I started to prep lunch).  So we’ll see.  Hoping for a quiet afternoon but just burped post-lunch so it remains to be seen.

On 3rd 20oz cup of water.


Feel a little weird (heavy stomach feeling) but so far so good. YAY!


On 4th 20oz water.  I really really really want a piece of dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate isn’t even my ‘jam.’  Weird.


Yeah, totally have the munchies.  I have a long night ahead of me so I decided to have some snacks.

Snack at 4p:

  • 1T almond butter off the spoon
  • Half frozen banana with cinnamon

TMI, but this whole blog is TMI so… but I think I’m a little constipated.  Been crampy off and on all day but no action.  Taking turkey roll ups with me tonight and hopefully will get dinner around 6p and then that’s it for food for the night.


I really have not been deprived/hungry at all all day.  Very strange.  My mind is hungry but my stomach seems satiated.  I got hungry this morning, ate almond snack and it passed quickly (IOW, it didn’t take a lot to get me to not hungry again).  I recall that the last time I did this I did go through a munchie craving phase for a few days when I started out. I’m totally there again and trying to mentally push through that.  My body wants junk and carbs and comfort, etc. but I really do want to drop some weight so I soldier on without indulging.  We’ll see if I can get through the day! I’m doomed if there are snacks at the event I’m going to tonight. My resolve knows limits and I think, should be they tested today, I would fail big time. We’ll see.

Dinner at 6p:

Turkey rollups with avocado

Not exciting but I was eating on the fly so this was a handy and tasty enough ‘throw in the purse’ meal.  Tomorrow I REALLY need to change up the food as I am bored after the same thing 2 days in a row.  Sadly, I suspect I am having the turkey rollups for lunch but I’m hoping to have some roasted d different veg for dinner Yum.

I am not feeling so great this afternoon/tonight (typing this at 9:40p).  A little dizzy and very gunky. Perhaps I’m getting sick, although I feel like I recall getting an almost cold when I did this diet before – something about a ketosis hangover or something that goes away in a couple days.  In any event, I am still not at all hungry which is just weird but I’ll take it.  I’m also really tired and going to bed.  All in all another good day and stomach is *silent* (although I also haven’t had any colon activity today at all so not sure what’s up….)

Good night!

Supplements at night:

  • 1 fish oil
  • 1 black currant oil
  • 2 prescript assist probiotics
  • Singular
  • 400 mg. Mucinex (SO GUNKY – drowning. not fun).

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