Day 4 – is it?

Having a sort of rough time here, although my stomach is feeling great.  So I’m torn.  I’m just so tired (not sleeping – suspect hormones) and I’m super bored with the food which really, is that such a big deal? It’s been three days.  The degree to which I’m unhappy makes me think this is more mental than anything else.  It’s not like it’s been weeks without something.

Oddly enough, I’m not missing sugar at all (despite the chocolate last night) but rather carbs and the ‘comfort of food’.  There’s nothing really comforting about these meals.  They are healthy and that’s it.  The fatigue is a likely contributor too (I got about 5 hours of sleep last night).  But I’m bored to a degree that I’m not cooking which I don’t hate to do (although I am busy).

Today’s meal plan is eggs/sausage; turkey with carrots and hummus for lunch, crockpot chicken breast (cooking now) with asparagus and pea pods (which veg I’ll have to make later) for dinner – snacks of Fage, almonds and banana for dessert. This is not a terrible food day but I resent it because I’m realizing how much ‘treats’ get me through the day.  I resent it even though I’m not hungry and my stomach is better than it’s been in a long time, despite its moments, and that overall I feel way less bloated than usual (although I doubt I’ve lost any actual weight yet).  The brain is weird.


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