South Beach, day 3

Rough morning. I feel like I said this yesterday. I completely overslept, missed doing about half the things I usually do (no rolling, no meditation) and barely made it to work on time.   I also completely screwed up my food for today and after yesterday feel like the plan I made is completely blown and maybe I should just throw in the towel on this whole thing….

But I am a resourceful person and I’m determined to be creative and pull out some great meals today that are (a) not (totally) the same as yesterday and (b) not too labor intensive because I have another full day ahead of me. I managed to make 2 fried eggs and grab half an avocado out of the fridge as I ran out the door.  Surely between this and the supermarket near my office and leftovers here in office fridge I can come up with something?


My hair looks great today.  Not sure why but I’ll take it.

My ankle which has been bugging me (old injury) due to too much activity last week actually felt better today (perhaps the few stretches I did last night? or the time off I’ve given it since Sunday?) and I got in a 25 minute walk today and it still feels fairly good.


I did manage to take these before I ran out of the apartment.

  • 2 fish oil
  • 1 black currant oil
  • 1 Align probiotic

Breakfast at 8:30a at office:

  • 2 Fried eggs in EVOO
  • 2 Applegate chicken-maple sausages (office freezer!)

Drinking water.  I really feel like this diet is making me more tired or it could be hormones/PMS combined with rainy morning but I felt SO TIRED when I went to bed (but then didn’t sleep for half an hour) and just felt laid out this morning and confused.  Hoping this passes soon – I have a lot to do!

Tonight was supposed to be crockpot chicken but I forgot to set it up.  The chicken was actually supposed to be LAST night’s meal as well but I got sidelined by having to take dinner (and not be home for dinner) to the meeting last night.  So now it will be TOMORROW’S dinner but honestly, I may make it while I work tonight and eat it for lunch tomorrow because I’d scheduled a special treat of sauteed scallops (my favorite) tomorrow and honestly I think I deserve that at this point. We’ll see.

So what can I make that’s quick tonight and different?  If I hadn’t had eggs this morning I’d say eggs as I like that for dinner.  I’m thinking perhaps I’ll thaw a chicken breast or 2 and make a stir fry of chicken, peapods (which I have) and carrots (which I have) in Coconut aminos.  Stomach friendly and tasty.  The trick will be to make it filling enough so I’m not hungry without the rice which would normally be a component to this dish.  I also do want to roast up some asparagus and saute up some mushrooms which I’ve had for days and are not going to last much longer.  I’m determined to figure this out.  Anyway, off to work….

11:45a Feeling a-okay.  Stomach 95% silent this morning even after the spicier sausage. Cool.  Still no colon action.  Nothing since Tuesday. Hmm.

Snack at 11:45a:

  • 1/2 Fage 2% plain yogurt
  • 4 Now Super Enzymes

Sometimes these enzyme capsules help me with dairy.  After the other day, better safe than sorry.  We’ll see.  Experiment!


Wow, hungry.  Off to pick up some lunch.

Lunch at 1:15p:

  • 3 oz. roast turkey (the nice kind)
  • 1/3 avocado
  • 1 c. leftover roasted carrots
  • 1 c. leftover roasted squash

Big lunch. Perhaps too big but I thought I’d just kill the last of my office leftover vegetables.  Actually a little cramping DURING eating (passed after 5 minutes), perhaps due to the volume of food or the fact that my colon is on vacation (apparently).  My actual lunch tasted pretty good once I was eating it but much like when I was doing Paleo, I just have no appetite for this food, good taste or not.  We’ll see if a few ‘recipe’ meals can change that. I hope so.


Got very crampy for 5 minutes and finally cleared out my colon (as much as it ever is).  Things seem a little… smoother than normal but given I’ve had no carbs for 3 days, I think that’s probably to be expected.  Also got my period which should mean better sleep tonight and cramps of a different variety – I’ll deal. For now, I feel good and not hungry.  I’m making a little pack of almonds to take with me this afternoon as I won’t be home until about 6p. I hope I don’t starve!

Snack at 5:45p

15 almonds while walking around

I am SO TIRED.  Could be anemia which I get sometimes (and period) but I’m exhausted after 1.5 hours in the garment district.  I could lay right on the street and fall asleep. And I have a lot to do tonight. Ugh.

Dinner at 6:45p:

I just couldn’t with dinner.  In an effort to stay on the diet and not cook:

  • hamburger
  • large portion raw carrots and red pepper hummus
  • half banana with cinnamon

I really need to do some cooking, even tonight (that chicken breast is going to go bad) but I also need to do school stuff and also really need some down time.  Hoping this dinner doesn’t upset my stomach.  Hummus has been untried lately and raw stuff *sometimes* does not go over well.  We’ll see.



Easter candy: 20 dark chocolate cadbury eggs/15 jelly beans.

It is what it is.


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