Day 5

Yes, there is a day 5.  It was a little touch and go as I was running out to Pilates this morning but it dawned on me.  Tired, yes.  Bored with food, yes.  Heartburn, practically non-existent, even after the Bunny incident of last night.  Hmm.

I really want to live in a world of no-to-little heartburn.  IBS, I can deal with but the heartburn really drives me bananas.  So that led me to skip ‘picking up a Clif bar’ on the way to Pilates (even though I really wanted that for breakfast) and to nuke up a couple chicken-maple sausages and eat them quickly instead.  I’d like to see if the heartburn thing is temporary or if – like other people have reported – this diet really helps that.  If so, I will make this work.  It’s important to me.

I’ve scrapped my food plan (too rigid) but have made notes of things that challenge me.  I’m working and taking classes with a lot of work attached to them.  I need to be able to not have to cook each day.  I *prefer* to eat fresh food but it’s just not tenable.  So when I came home from Pilates (having picked up plain almonds as a post-Pilates snack – easy to get everywhere , must remember that), I made 6 hard boiled eggs and roasted up Asparagus and baby carrots so I’d have them for the week.  Then I ate the crock pot chicken I’d blown off with carrots and hummus for lunch.  Easy enough.

Finished my frozen bananas for a snack and just finished a great dinner of scrambled eggs with feta, mushrooms and asparagus with a side of sausage.  I’m still hungry so I’ll eat a cheese stick.

So my new list is:

Keep handy protein on hand – Fage, cheese sticks, supermarket turkey

Keep cooked veg on hands.  If no time, roast up baby carrots b/c you don’t even have to wash or clean them.  Also frozen spinach for omelets.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs.  It can be chicken or fish or even a hamburger.  I love eggs for dinner – but if I eat them what to have for breakfast; well why not dinner?

I need to get more bananas and avocado.  I love these things – I’ve run out. I need to keep foods I love around.

So today:

B: 2 sausages

S: 15 almonds

L: half roasted chicken breast, fair number of carrots with hummus

S: 1/2 frozen banana

D: 2 scrambled eggs, sausage, feta, asparagus and mushrooms

S: babybel (we’ll see if I survive this time!)

Good night!


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