South Beach, Day 4

3p and I’m bored.  Let’s recap the day though.

Pretty much sticking with my food as described this morning.  Still woke up too late to roll or meditate although a cup of Tazo Zen tea (green) was drunk this morning and really did help to wake me up.  (Since I almost never drink caffeine, even a cup of tea can help me.)

Breakfast at 8:00a:

  • scrambled eggs
  • sausage

Tasty but meh, totally over eggs.  And I like eggs. Hmm.

Super busy here at work so I was very aware when I got ‘actually’ hungry for a snack:

Snack at 11:15a:

1/2 2% plain Fage and some enzymes

Tasty and did the job at least for a bit.

Lunch at 1p:

Again, suddenly hungry so I stopped working and ate:

  • Couple slices of turkey
  • many carrots (20?) with hummus

I’m suddenly having some heartburn (it’s 3p) after nothing all day which reminded me to type this up.  I suspect the tea and is why I don’t normally DO tea but really this is so minor I suspect it will pass when I snack.

Snack at 3p:

15 almonds. Yum.

‘Dinner’ at 7p:

Rest of Easter Candy: Reese’s Bunny.

Oh well.


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