Day 6

I was in more of a groove today with the diet and got a little creative.  Stomach is doing well (although I just ate dinner with a lot of dairy so we’ll see). Here’s a recap:

B:  1 c. Fage 2% plain

L:   Chicken salad* and Carrots and Hummus

S:    Baby bel

S:    15 almonds

D:    Taco Salad**

Chicken Salad:  Half a chicken breast mixed with Miracle Whip (which is suspect is NOT on South Beach, oh well) and chopped almonds and served in a lettuce roll up.  Was tasty enough.

Taco Salad:  Half a hamburger cooked with 1 c. black beans with cumin and coriander, mixed with 2T of shredded cheddar and half a plain greek yogurt over lettuce.  Very tasty.

Other pertinent facts:

I’m a bit constipated.  I don’t feel badly and I did actually clear out this afternoon (after lunch ended up with deep cramping for about 10 minutes and then it cleared out) but I think the lack of carbs is leaving me a bit slow.  In point of fact, whenever I was constipated before, I could count on a dinner including rice to move things along.  I’m hoping as I eat more vegetables (which I really didn’t do too much of today after all), this will be less of an issue.

Had enough free time to roll out which is good b/c I’m really feeling like my legs and ankles are tight.  This is putting a HUGE crimp in my ability to exercise.  I’m going to restart my achilles tendonitis PT stuff (just a little) to see if it helps. Otherwise, off to the chiro.  That said, my back and hips are in pretty good shape which is nice.

I’m feeling super tired.  Some of it I suspect is from school work but I’m hoping to get some real sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is Day 7!  Wow, have almost made it through a week of this.  My goal is 14 days total, which will take a little over 2 weeks as I think there may have to be some breaks in there due to a business lunch on Tuesday and a weekend away next weekend.  But I’m going to attempt to stay on the low carb.  I’m really feeling overall well with no heartburn.  That almost never happens.  We’ll see if my body is just having a moment or if there’s something real going on.  Interesting.


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