Good morning, reflections….

Today I start day 7 and have reached the end of the first week. Whew.   Observations of this week/weekend (it’s Monday today):

  • I am desperately thirsty all the time despite drinking a lot.
  • I am pretty achy, more so than usual, and when I roll my body does not seem so tight – what?
  • Stomach is mostly quiet.
  • A little burping but nothing even remotely approaching ‘reflux.’
  • I am never hungry until I am and then a protein snack knocks it out for at least an hour.
  • My sugar/dark chocolate cravings are gone.
  • I really really wanted treats as I worked this weekend.  Noticing this allowed me to reflect that I pretty much take breaks over these work periods by eating snacks and watching TV.  When I’m working on these huge school projects, I get very overwhelmed. This weekend, I was able to just watch TV and drink water to get through it but the snacking is clearly habitual b/c, until I was distracted, I was craving the snacks like a junkie and even when I got through it I was impatient and short-tempered.  I ended up hand sewing more than usual due to wanting to not snack – which worked – but sometimes I’m watching TV to get AWAY from sewing so I’ll have to work that out.  In any event, good to know.
  • I am still intensely tired.  I slept 9 hours last night and had to FORCE myself to get up today and still felt tired leaving for work.

Last night, I did some quick internet research about the fatigue and thirst.  Apparently you can go beyond mild ‘acidosis’ (the goal) into something called ‘ketoacidosis’ (not the goal) which is not as healthy and can also lead to kidney stones.  What?  In any event, the extreme thirst is the warning sign of that.  Other symptoms are extreme fatigue and more aches than usual.   Hmm.

In that light, I thought I’d move onto Phase 2 of South Beach sooner than later.  I don’t want to ding the weight loss (which is clearly happening) but I also don’t want to overtax my system especially as the semester begins to wind down.  I did a half hour study of the book last night and that lead me to another South Beach/IBS conundrum:  It looks like P2 is pretty much adding 1 serving of low glycemic carbs – which are often high-fiber which, due to the IBS, I can’t digest, and some lower sugar fruits which again, due to IBS, I can’t digest.  That said, there are a few things I do eat on the acceptable list so I’m going to add them back in, a little at a time, to make sure I don’t throw my stomach off.  I’d really like to maintain this level of peace as long as possible if not on a more permanent (as much as anything is permanent) basis.  The foods I digest well are:

  • small amounts of sweet potato
  • small amounts of brown rice
  • green peas

I’ve had terrific success with sweet potato in the past.  It’s one of my super safe foods so that’s awesome that it is there.  I’m going to add half a sweet potato a few times this week to my dinner to see if it helps with the fatigue and thirst without changing my reflux or IBS situation.

As for fruit, my one safe fruit – banana – is still verboten. Ooops on that one.  Almost everything else is super sketchy in other than ‘flavoring’ (1-2 bites) amounts.  I live a life of almost no fruit now, so I’m going to keep that going for the first few weeks of P2 so I can really get a feel for the carb experiment to see its impact, testing each carb on its own for a few days.  This is a great opportunity to determine if I’m NOT doing as well on a currently ‘safe food’ as I thought I was.  Of course everything is a bit of a reach due to this work lunch tomorrow (I’ve eaten at this restaurant before.  I’m not sure they even HAVE plain protein and veg (it’s Italian pizza/pasta and it’s already a challenge to stay away from garlic and tomato there which are total no-gos for me)) but I’m going to do my best.  I think if I have real fallout from lunch, I’ll likely do P1 for a few more days to clear out and then add my beloved sweet potato.

Ultimately, I’m very comfortable on the diet as I’m on it now.  If I were feeling no side effects, I’d just keep going, but the achyness and fatigue are super intrusive so they’ve got to go.   Work in progress but I’m really loving the relative stomach silence I’m getting. I’m almost like a normal person.  Wow.



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