Days 8-10

Hey there.

I am still on the diet although a winged version of phase 2.  My hunger has returned a bit and I’ve definitely been eating more but much less than I used to and the diminished amount of carbs seems to be keeping my heartburn in check which is fabulous.  I had some heartburn Tuesday after a meal out but there was a REALLY tasty sauce on the fish I had which usually points to garlic and thus….  I ate out again last night without garlic, with a few sips of my bf’s beer and even some wasabi and had no problem at all.  Really wondering how much the carbs have been throwing me off….

Basically what I’ve been doing is eating what I was before, aiming to eat at least 2-3 servings of veg a day for my digestion and then adding one starch serving per day and maybe fruit, maybe not.  I’m trying to have some treats but keep it to around 100 calories when I do that.  So far so good.  I’m trying (and succeeding) to do the diet I did a few years back when I was about 25 lbs lighter than I am now.  Having tastes over super size portions (which slight undereating seems to be critical for my heartburn and IBS stuff).

The addition of the carbs has definitely helped my IBS though.  I’m now going to the bathroom once per day and it’s not difficult.  For a very long time I could not eat so much veg but I’m doing pretty well with that this time around – anywhere from 2-5 servings per day with – maybe -a fruit serving.  I’d say 90% of the veg is cooked which is always better for me.  Any fruits are all things that are not at all appropriate for South Beach (raisins, dried apricot, banana) but my stomach tolerates them well so whatever.  For grains I’ve had quinoa, rice (in sushi) and tonight I’m having some sort of medley with couscous in it.  I’m sticking to about 1/2-3/4 of a cup for the carb portions.

I also feel much MUCH less wonky with a little carbs in my life.  Like wow, completely different. Less spaced out, less dizzy, less THIRSTY, less achy and less dead tired.  What has not changed is that I’m irritated.  This – to me – is less about the diet and more about not eating my feelings.  I eat when I’m feeling annoyed by people/situations which turns out to be often and I’m not doing that right now.  I also eat when I’m working too hard without a break. I’m blowing off an event tonight to take care of myself in that regard.  It’s tough for me to do that but I’m realizing it’s necessary.  Self-care is critical.  My mental idea of what I can do is not always in alignment to what my MIND actually needs. Still learning that one.

So that’s where I am.  Still low carb with a carb serving and maybe a fruit.  I’m away all this weekend and eating on the fly so it’ll be interesting to see WHAT I can find to eat (hard to find cooked vegetables at a fast food place) – sort of dreading not eating well – but it is what is going on.  Hoping for at least the ability not to just eat bread all weekend or the sad fast food salad.  Wendy’s might be a save.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck!



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