Day 7, Recap

Super tired this morning as I mentioned after 9 hours of sleep. Whew.

B at 8a:

2 scrambled eggs with a serving of asparagus, mushrooms and feta scrambled in

S at 10:45a:

Baby bel (these have not been a problem since that first day – score as they are tasty!)


Feeling really hungry today. Weird.  Hoping I brought enough for lunch; otherwise, nuts it is!


Holding out for lunch until 1p but I am really hungry today. So weird.  I had that huge breakfast!  Wow, cramps, like the doubled over kind.  Oof – not fun at office. So positive, I’m sort of moving stuff out of colon more often (just got some movement there but not fully).  Negative, I’m constipated so nothing’s moving so easily and cramps!  Hoping the addition of brown rice or sweet potato helps this.

Lunch at 1p:

  • 4 oz or so of turkey
  • 1 c. roasted summer squashes
  • 1 c. roasted carrots


Already hungry.  Not sure what’s up with me.  Also went to bathroom again.  As I said, slow going but at least there is progress, right? Stomach just feels a little weird today.


15 almonds

Dinner at 5p:

  • Cobb Salad – lettuce, carrot, avocado, bacon, turkey, little bit of feta and olive oil
  • Cashews

Wow, super meh dinner.  Was excited to eat out but this salad was LAME.  I added the cashews b/c I’ve been so hungry today which is weird.  Not sure why this day is different from other days.

Snack at 9:30p:

Cheese stick

I never eat this late but I was hungry. Again.  Also the bf was eating popcorn and, being hungry, I wanted to eat something ‘on plan’ so I would keep my stomach going okay.

Truth be told, though, my stomach was weird all day.  I moved my bowel 2X but never really felt GREAT.  I’m super tired and eager for sleep.  More tomorrow.



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